Star the hedgehog (made with base from sparbases :))

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Star is an 11 year old female hedgehog. She is 3 feet tall. Her occupation is Student at Star High and her ability type is Flight.

She is straight, but she has no boyfriend because she's too young to date.

She belongs to User:StarTheHedgie.


Star is a hedgehog. She has blue fur, yellow eyes and tan skin. She has spiky dark blue hair. She has a star on her forehead because her name is Star. She wears a yellow, white-frilled dress with a blue star and yellow shoes.

Star Reference Sheet 1

Star (base by sparbases


Star was born the princess of the star planet, Stellaneta, but later lost her status as princess. At a young age, Star's parents were murdered and so her relatives sent her to Mobius in a rocket ship, so that she would be safe. She now lives with her friends in a house in the fields. She goes to school at Star High. She is really good at school but she doesn't like it very much.


Her friends, stars, night time, dresses, cake.


Bad guys, weirdoes, spinach.


Berry-Sundae The HedgehogEdit

Berry-Sundae and Star are friends.


Star can fly with her star powers and she can shoot stars at people.


She's kind of small and not good at punching. She's also really shy.

Theme Song(s)Edit

Owl City - Shooting Star (Lyric Video)

Owl City - Shooting Star (Lyric Video)

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