Quote: "Eggman not so bright *giggle* He forgot to make me evil" - Mima explaining why she doesn't attack people

Mima the robotic hedgehog
Mima by devilish sm1le-d8i598n
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age N/A
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 80cm
Weight Unknown

Mima the robotic hedgehog is a fan character from the Sonic the hedgehog series. She is a anthropmorthic robotic white hedgehog who was originally created to destory elizabeth the hedgehog by eggman, but instead ended up becoming a entertainer. She doesn't carry around a weapon, but instead uses the many puppets at her disposal to attack her enemies


Mima, at first, is a very calm and kind little girl...But this isn't the only thing she is know for. She is also known for playing pratical jokes on people using her in-built smoke bombs, loud speakers or the puppets she has at her disposal

When you get to know Mima a little better, her jokes will become more kinder, and usually result in her cuddling the person she played the prank on at the end. She mostly acts in a similar way a young child (Around the ages of 7-9) would behave.

Even thought she is based off of a small child, she knows a wide variety of different topic (This is due to her in-built link to eggman's archive, which she can use to find out battle plans and the schematics for new robots). This gives her a upper edge against her enemies as she can learn their stratergies and weaknesses before they can even strike (But only if they're built by eggman)

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

The hand puppets:Edit

Sonic puppet:Edit

The sonic puppet allows Mima to increase her speed to higher levels than before, as well as using the sonic puppet's eyes as a rapid fire lazer gun

Tails puppet:Edit

The tails puppet allows Mima to fly for a short period of time, as well as allowing to use the tails puppet's tails to produce a strong air current

Amy puppet:Edit

The amy puppet works similar to the soic puppet, but allows her to create a charge shot instead of a rapid fire shot

Shadow puppet:Edit

The shadow plush is almost identical to the sonic puppet, but increases the shot damage in trade for a slower movement speed

The EPU (Eggman Processing Unit):Edit

Due to mima having being built by eggman, she has a inbuilt connector to eggman's machines, including his computer systems. Originally, this chip would have also allows eggman to control Mima, but the chip was damaged in a battle with sonic. As such, the EPU allows mima to access the computer systems and aquire any information she needs from eggman as she wants.



  • She will, on occasion, talk to her little puppets as if they're real
  • The puppets do produce words, which sound like a slightly robotic version of the person they are based on's voice